Top 7 Libraries That Every Android App Developers Should Use in 2021


What are libraries?

Libraries have become an integral part of the process of Android application development. Not just the Android platform, libraries are used for each of them, and it becomes impossible for Android app developers to develop an application without using a library. In this article, we will talk about the importance of libraries in Android app development while telling you about the 7 best libraries used in the process.


Android applications have become a very crucial part of the daily lives of Android users, and that is why there are tens of thousands of Android applications available on the google play store and google chrome. Every day, there are hundreds of new Android applications introduced for the users, and every good app makes their life easy in some way.

Every Android app development company in India is looking for a different idea that can become a path breaking one. Android libraries are a set of codes that can be used by the developers during the process. With the help of libraries, they don’t have to write the entire code by themselves. That is why even the best Android app development services companies use Android libraries in every project.

Benefits of using Android Libraries:

Many new developers might wonder about the fuss around the use of Android libraries. The reason why Android developers use the libraries a lot is because it has several benefits. So, let’s look at the benefits of using Android libraries for the development of Android applications.

  • Android libraries provide extra features without doing any extra hard work. To access these features, developers need an Android framework API, but they don’t need them if they use Android libraries.
  • The Android libraries extend the reach of a particular Android application. Android libraries allow multiple users to use the application. Every developer wants that their app is used by the maximum number of people, and that is where the libraries help a lot.
  • With the help of Android libraries, a user can use the new features in the older version. This is one of the biggest benefits of using Android libraries in the development process.
  • Another huge benefit of using Android libraries is that it helps in cost-cutting. If a developer uses Android libraries, then he/she can save a lot of money. Several libraries can reduce the cost of building an Android application.

Top Seven Best Libraries List for Android app developers:

Now that you know about the importance and benefits of Android libraries, the next will be to figure out the best Android libraries that will make your process easy. There are so many libraries to choose from. So, below is the list of the seven best Android libraries for Android app developers.

  • RxJava: One of the most common needs of an Android developer is a library that can adapt to changes by reacting to them and then implementing those changes. If you are also looking for one such library, then RxJava is a great option for you. Apart from that, this Android library perfectly uses the most suitable tools for a particular operation during the Android application development process.
  • Dagger: One of the most used Android frameworks, Dagger is a highly dependent Android library, and it perfectly suits developers who code in Java and Android. However, using Dagger is not an easy task for developers who don’t have much knowledge about Android libraries. But, if a developer knows about Android libraries, then he/she can use Dagger with ease. Dagger also helps in reducing the expenditure on developing an Android application.
  • Picasso: After reading the name, you might think that this Android library has something to do with pictures, and you are right. This library is useful if a developer is looking for an image library. When it comes to image libraries, Picasso is the best Android library for the job. When companies hire Android app developers in India, they look for developers who are comfortable with image libraries, and Picasso becomes necessary in such circumstances.
  • Zxing: Zxing is an Android library for developers who want to insert barcode scanning features in an Android application. It is widely used for this feature, and it is an integral part of every application that uses barcode scanning. Creating a barcode scanning feature is a mighty task, and that is why this library is so good.
  • Retrofit: If you are also one of those developers looking for an Android user interface library, then Retrofit is a perfect option for you. It is one of the best Android Libraries 2021, and it is a very safe choice for developers. It is not easy to find a reliable Android library, and that is why Retrofit is perfect. It handles data parsing and response and makes the entire process easy for the developer.
  • Butterknife: It is one of the most innovative Android libraries you will ever come across, and it helps a developer in inserting views into an Android application. Every developer knows the value of a task involving injecting an interface and perspective, and it is one of the toughest things to do. That is why, Butterknife is a blessing for those developers, as now they can do the task quite easily.
  • Room: It is an Android library used for developing Android applications that can be used without internet connectivity. Since most of the apps have an offline feature, this library is used a lot by the developers.


So, we have talked about what libraries are, why they are important, and what are the benefits that come with the use of Android libraries. To hire professional app developers India team, Feel free to Contact – India App Developer today!


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