How to Wear Different  Holsters?

How to Wear Different  Holsters?

Carrying your gun is not suitable at all, whether it is in your hand or bag. If you keep your gun in the bag, you won’t get access to your gun immediately if anything unpleasant happens. You also can’t keep the gun in your hand because people will get anxious to see it. Both of these are definitely wrong. Then what should you do? Well, the perfect solution is a holster. A holster is a thing that will help you to keep your gun hanging in your body parts. There are different types of holsters, such as shoulder gun holster leather, thigh holster, ankle holster, waist holster, etc. If you want to use a holster to keep your weapon, you have to learn how to wear a holster in a proper way. Today we will talk about it in the following section.

Shoulder Holster: The shoulder holster is for hanging the weapon in your shoulder. Using the shoulder holster is the safest way of carrying the weapon. You can comfortably carry this holster with different kinds of weapons, whether it is rifle, revolvers and knives. Wearing a shoulder holster requires some definite steps to wear it. You have to follow these to get the best output. First, you have to put the holster on your shoulder as if you were carrying a backpack. Now, you have to adjust the rig so that the straps will not get crossed and get over your neck. Then, tighten the straps to adjust it to your body. Now, you have to move the wrist by bending down. It’s time to adjust the holster’s angle. You can choose the angle as per your convenience. Now it’s ready to hang your weapon. But, you should hang only when you are comfortable with the holster set.

Thigh Holster: When you are carrying several weapons, you have to use a thigh holster. People who go hunting with a number of weapons should use this holster. Keeping the holster in your thigh will be comfortable only when you will be able to set the holster perfectly. To set the holster properly, you have to wear it on your thigh. Then, you have to pull the strap until it gets tight with your thigh. In this stage, you have to be careful that you won’t tighten it more. Moreover, you have to place the holster above your knee band for sure. Then, the holster should be fastened with the belt. Now, check out that the holster is properly fit or not. If yes, you can hang your weapon in it freely.

Ankle Holster: Ankle holster is the best option for people who didn’t want to let people know about their weapons. This is the probable best option to keep your weapon fully secret. This holster is very effective for any position except standing. To get the proper output, you have to set the holster in a proper way. If you are left-handed people, you should wear it on the left handed ankle holsters. If you are right-handed, you should wear the ankle in the left ankle. First, decide on which leg you want to wear the holster. Then wear it to the ankle and tighten the strap.

Waist Holster: Wearing a waist holster is quite difficult and so controlling it. A waist holster will be in your back. So, you have to pull out the weapon from your backside. This position is great for people who have long arms. If you make any mistake, you have to face great difficulties. If you think that this position is suitable for you, you can go for it. For that, you have to place the holster on your backside. Then adjust the angle as your convenient way and finally fix it around your pants and body.

The holster is a very crucial and beneficial thing in case of using your weapon. But, to get the best output, you have to put it in the right way. Otherwise, you may lose your weapon and sometimes experience failure in using the weapon. So, learning how to wear the holster is greatly important.


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