How to Overcome Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

windows license will expire soon

How to Overcome Your Windows License Will Expire Soon

One of the most widely used computer operating systems today is Windows 10. Because the OS offers convenience and features that are useful for users, especially in matters of daily work.

Windows 10 is also the newest OS from Microsoft and is the younger brother of its predecessors like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win 7, Win 8.0, and Win 8.1.

However, even though it is a new product, it does not mean that this operating system has no problems, we often encounter warnings such as “your windows license will expire soon” that will usually appear on our desktop or laptop screens.

This is usually because the trial period of the OS has expired, or it could also be because you activated Windows 10 illegally through third-party applications such as KMS Pico and the like.

Because at this time a lot of people are using pirated products (crack) or unofficial licenses from Microsoft so that the key will gradually expire and be detected by Windows.

But don’t worry, every problem has a solution. No exception for those of you who experience your windows license will expire soon, it can also be removed with a few easy steps.

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How to Overcome Your Windows License Will Expire Soon Win 10

  1. Restart Windows Explorer

The first method that is easiest we can do is to restart Windows Explorer on our laptop or computer.

The first step is to open Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows key + E, then open the Task Manager by right-clicking on the Windows icon menu button on the bottom left of your screen and selecting the Task Manager menu.

Once open, the Processes tab will show Windows Explorer, please select it and then press the Restart button.

Don’t close the task manager first, now we will run windows explorer again by going to File > Run new task > then typing explorer.exe and OK.

Not finished, the next step is to open the Command Prompt (CMD) as an administrator (Run As Administrator) after opening, please type slmgr-rearm then click Enter.

If successful, a Command completed successfully notification will appear and you will be asked to restart the computer by pressing OK.

After restarting the computer, now check whether it reads Windows is not activated? If so, please use the activation using KMS Pico or if you have an official license, please use the key you already have.

But if the status has changed to Windows is Activated, then you don’t need to do the above again.

Congratulations because now the writing your windows license will expire soon has disappeared from your computer, but if you think the first method is quite complicated then you can try the alternative method below.

  1. Using CMD Removes the License

Given the emergence of your windows license will expire soon because the license is about to expire, so the second way we can remove the existing license on our computer is through CMD.

First, please open CMD or Command Prompt as an administrator, if it is already open, please type slmgr/upk and enter.

After that, a notification “Uninstalled product key successfully” will appear, which indicates that the removal of the license or key windows on the computer has been successful.

If all the steps above have been done, now is the time for you to reload or reboot your computer to find out whether the warning your windows license will expire soon has disappeared or not?

If so, it means that this method was successful. But as a result, you have to reactivate using KMSPico or use the windows key that you have.

Tips to prevent your windows license will expire soon from appearing again.

I suggest you use the official Windows license which you can buy on the official Microsoft site, or if you really have a thin budget, please buy an activation key in a trusted marketplace like Tokped, etc. so that the same thing doesn’t happen as the case above.

That’s how to deal with Your Windows License Will Expire Soon on Windows 10, hopefully, it’s useful, and good luck with this trick.

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